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Mobile App Development refers to the development of software applications specifically for mobile use, be it an Android device or an iOS device. Although, the popularity for multi-platform compatible mobile apps is increasing, which means engaging audience that are either on Android or iOS.   

When it comes to mobile app development services, we have emerged as a dominant player with our strong tech expertise. Since our inception in 2020, we have managed to deliver some of the industry biggies with mobile application development needs.  

Be it designing a mobility app or educating users about lifestyle management, we have hands-on experience of designing and developing mobile applications for over 50+ firms.   

We have our clientele spanning the USA, Netherlands, UAE, and Middle East countries. Furthermore, our team of young and enthusiastic software pros have the requisite professional skills to design, develop, and release mobile applications. 

Custom Mobile App Development Company | AppVin Technologies

Programming Languages and Frameworks used in Android and IOS Mobile App Development  

Mobile Application Development | AppVin Technologies
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Android Mobile App Development

Android mobile app development involves creating software applications for devices running the Android operating system. Furthermore, this process offers diverse functionalities and user experiences. 

In recent years, we have been recognized as a trusted mobile application development company by our clients. Additionally, we provide tailor-made solutions for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. You can check our client portfolio for reference.  

IOS Mobile App Development | AppVin Technologies

IOS Mobile App Development

iOS App Development involves the creation of mobile applications for i-phone operative devices like i-phones, i-pads, i-pods. Objective-C and Swift are programming languages used for iOS backed mobile apps.  

Developers utilize Quick or Objective-C to fabricate great applications. Additionally, by leveraging the iOS ecosystem for seamless execution, natural design, and access to features, this ensures compatibility and a smooth user experience across Apple devices. 

Custom Mobile Application Development Services for Various Platforms

When you are done with your mobile app ideation part and other crucial groundwork, you need to understand that technology framework which will be used for mobile app development, whether it has to be Android app development or iOS app development.   

Now, let’s understand the type of mobile apps that can be developed. 

Based on the technology used for mobile application development and the functionality they offer, mobile apps are categorized as: native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps

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Native Apps

Native Apps are designed exclusively for a single operating system (OS). It can be platform dependent: either for Android or iOS or Windows operating system. Putting it up simply, an application designed for Android OS won’t work on iOS.   

You need to design exclusive applications for different operating systems. Native Apps offer higher functionality and are high on budgets. But when it comes to User Experience native apps have an edge over hybrid apps.

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Web Apps

Web Apps are platform independent as they run on browser. Unlike a native app, web apps need not to downloaded or installed. A user can access the software application by creating an account. Web apps are designed using cloud storage, making the application development process less costly in terms of storage.   

Web Apps offer higher scalability and are all device and platform compatible as compared to native apps.

Hybrid Apps Icon | AppVin Technologies

Hybrid Apps 

Hybrid Apps are developed using a single codebase which extends their adaptability to any device, any platform. They are designed using universally accepted frameworks such as Java, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The maintenance costs associated with Hybrid Apps are comparatively higher than native apps.  

Looking for an experienced mobile app development services company? Check our company profile here.  

Our Mobile Application Development Services

AppVin specializes in mobile application development & integration for iOS & Android. Moreover, as a mobile app development company, our developers have a successful track record of delivering applications. Our app development involves technology consultation, design, development, implementation, and maintenance. 

IOS Native App Development Icon | AppVin Technologies

IOS Native App Development

AppVin Technologies offers customized, end-to-end iOS Native mobile App Development for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iOS-run wearable devices. Additionally, we have successfully dealt with multiple projects spanning across different industries, conforming to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). 

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Flutter App Development

Our service portfolio offers Flutter mobile application development services for cross-platform functional apps. Furthermore, you can hire our exceptionally talented Flutter App Developers to give your users a sleek, intuitive experience with a robust mobile application. 

Ionic App Development | AppVin Technologies

Ionic App Development 

Ionic App Development is a framework that enables the creation of cross-platform mobile applications using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It facilitates the development of high-performance, visually appealing apps for iOS, Android, and the web with a single codebase.

Kotlin App Development | AppVin Technologies

Kotlin App Development

Kotlin app development refers to creating mobile applications using the Kotlin programming language. Known for conciseness and versatility, Kotlin simplifies Android app development, offering modern features, improved safety, and seamless interoperability. It has become a preferred choice for developers, enhancing productivity and delivering robust, efficient applications.

Sencha Native App Development | AppVin Technologies

Sencha Native App Development 

Mobile App Development is gaining surge with the introduction of highly transformative coding platforms and frameworks. Moreover, hybrid applications give the same user experience as the native one. Sencha is a powerful free and open framework that brings an array of benefits, ensuring the app developed using Sencha is all-device compatible.  

PhoneGap App Development | AppVin Technologies

PhoneGap App Development 

Hire our experts that can save you on costs by creating cross-platform mobile apps using the power of Adobe’s Open Source Software Development Framework – PhoneGap. Additionally, you can give your target audience a seamless experience with hybrid applications for multiple OS support, including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry. 

React Native App Development | AppVin Technologies

React Native App Development

Your mobile application needs to have an omni channel presence. With our React Native App Development services, you can harness flexibility, save on time, and costs. Furthermore, React Native uses the power of JavaScript, enabling the use of the same code for iOS and Android platforms. 

Xamarin App Development | AppVin Technologies

Xamarin App Development 

If you want to leverage the power of .Net into mobile application development, then you are at the right place. DotNet being a Free and open-source framework offers larger benefits like faster app maintenance and updates, native app performance with cross-platform availability.  

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Build Amazing Apps with our Mobile App Development Solutions

Hiring the right technology partner is equally essential as planning for developing a mobile application for your business idea. After you are done with the planning part, the next step is to look out for a mobile application development company. They can map the right technology framework required to build the mobile app.   

The factors below will help you take the right decision.

Share clear requirements with the custom mobile application development services company. 

Deciding on the mobile app multi-platform compatibility, whether to launch for Android or iOS or both platforms. 

Discuss the feasible programming language and framework on which the mobile app will be developed. pulvinar dapibus leo.

Fix real-time deadlines considering all factors related to resources, budget and app functionalities. 

Post deployment support.

At AppVin Technologies, you will find careful consideration of all the above-discussed aspects. Moreover, we have delivered scalable, tailor-made mobile apps to various industry verticals – retail, education, e-commerce, lifestyle management, healthcare, and others. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile App Development is the process of developing software applications to run on mobiles devices, smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. 

A mobile app development company helps in designing, developing, testing, and deploying mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. Right from the ideation stage till successfully deploying the software application, a mobile application development services company has a qualified team of professionals to contribute towards the mobile app development cycle phases. 

A mobile app developer, after attaining the requisite professional skills can design, develop or create and test a mobile application. 

A mobile app developer with the help of programming languages and frameworks creates software applications for different operating systems. Android and iOS are the two prominent operating systems. 

Yes, a mobile application can be created to run on both Android and iOS platforms. Different frameworks or programming languages are used for developing the application for these platforms. 

Android App Development – Java, JavaScript, Python, Kotlin, C++, C#,  

Frameworks- Popular Android Framework: Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, Native Script, jQuery Mobile, Corona SDK, Angular JS, PhoneGap.  

Flutter is the most popular framework by Google. It’s an open-source framework and is used for creating cross-platform applications for Android and iOS using a single codebase. 

IOS App Development – Swift and Objective-C are the programming languages for creating iOS apps. Swift supports both Frontend (client-side) and Backend (server-side) development. 

Java and C++ are both popular and powerful languages. Java, being a beginner-friendly language, offers more flexibility for cross-platform applications while C++ offers speed and versatility with a rich feature set. 

A mobile application features, complexity and operating system compatibility are the deciding factors for app creation cost. The overall cost can range between $5,000 to $250,000. 

IOS is the operating system for iPhone, iPad, iPod. iOS apps run only on Apple devices and are available for download on the Apple App Store.  

Performance wise iOS apps offer an incredible user experience. They are fast, offer more security. Android apps can be developed at a much lesser cost as compared to iOS app development. However, 71% of the total market share is for Android Apps as Apple devices are exceptionally high in price. 

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